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This is Jen.

Austin Droz

Jewelry Crafted By Women, For Everyone


Austin Droz jewelry is more than just beautiful - it’s a wearable story. While receiving a gift is nice, it only becomes a keepsake when it’s given with purpose and passion. And at Austin Droz, we get that. Each piece of jewelry we create, whether for men or women, comes from an emotion, taking form in our workshop one stone at a time. Just like life, we never know what’s going to happen next, which is why our jewelry really is so unique. Rather than having a plan when we sit down to design, we let our creativity guide us, allowing how we’re feeling and what we’re thinking to show up in each of our final products.


When you give a piece of Austin Droz jewelry, you’re picking up our story and preparing to tell the next chapter - your chapter.


Our Story

Austin Droz began with a single stone, one that was brought home from a trip to Africa by a very special man - my man.


Working abroad regularly, my partner and I were finding it difficult to stay connected long-distance. Although busy with our careers, we knew that our relationship mattered more, we just didn’t know how to express it. One night, after a two-week trip to Africa, my guy arrived at my front door, devastated that the special (and expensive) gift he had purchased for me had gotten lost, along with his luggage. Joking, he pulled a small stone bead out of his pocket and said, “But I did save this just for you”.


That bead became a symbol of his love, one that I would carry with me everywhere I went, especially while he was away. Noticing how much I treasured that small bead, he started to bring me home a single, simple bead after each trip. Soon, I had enough to craft a bracelet - and then another.


I gave my guy his bracelet on his birthday and then, minutes later, he proposed, offering me an engagement ring and, of course, another stone bead.


Settling down together in Geneva and creating a new life made me realize that my former career in finances was no longer making me happy. I wanted to do something that I loved, something that I could share with others.


One morning, while enjoying my cup of coffee, I realized what I really wanted to do. I went into my bedroom and started pulling out all of the beads I had collected over the years, ideas flowing. When my husband arrived home, I told him I wanted to start my own business - a jewelry business. I was prepared for him to tell me that I was crazy. But, instead, he embraced me and told me he would help in any way he could.


And, so, Austin Droz was born.


This is where I share my creations, giving women and men something special to give, whether to themselves or that special someone. Each natural stone bracelet carries its own unique story, one that I hope is as special to you as it is to me.


With love,